As an additional service in the field of metal processing, we offer cutting of metal parts with a max. diameter of 860 mm using our vertical saw in Seebach. Our customers use this service for parts that require a precise cut (set up with laser), sometimes due to complex metal construction.


Cutting length of up to 4,000 mm

At a max. cutting width of 860 mm, we can cut workpieces up to 4,000 mm in length. Our saws allow us to even cut workpieces made of titanium or Cr-Ni steels.

For our customers, we also perform cutting jobs for the destructive testing of welded parts intended for the aerospace industry.

Application areas:


Rail vehicles, ship building, aircraft technology, power plants, motorsports, industrial plants and more


Duplex steel, copper, bronze, brass, plastic, special materials, chrome nickel steels and much more



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